Nearshore IT outsourcing: 4 benefits to your company

Do you ever hear about nearshore it outsourcing? With the growing demand for technology professionals, it is common sense for companies to start thinking about alternatives to get good talent.

Through it, you can have access to excellent developers without any efforts.

However, the outsourcing of labor within the country can bring a high cost to your business.

And that’s exactly where the Nearshore enters, through this type of outsourcing, you have all the advantages of the service, added to the lower price.

I made a list with 4 benefits of the nearshore it outsourcing for your business, check it out.


One of the biggest advantages of the Nearshore is the proximity, flight tickets to Brazil, for example, are cheap in relation to tickets to India. So you can face the team if necessary.

Another benefit of proximity is the timezone, managing a team that has almost the same timezone as yours is much simpler than managing a team with a totally different schedule.

Cultural similarity

Almost everyone ends up being culturally influenced by the US, but in American countries, American culture is much more evident in all aspects.

Which facilitates team communication and management. After all, there are not many differences in ideas and goals.

Good professionals

Brazil has evolved a lot in recent years when it comes to the quality of developers.

Today we have an ecosystem of Startups much more robust which influences a good quality of digital products and consequently good professionals.

Currently, Brazilian professionals are references all over the world, and we are one of the largest technology markets in the world.

In addition, in the US, there is much more competition for professionals, one of the main advantages of nearshoring is to search for talent abroad.

Lower Cost than US Developers

Perhaps the best of benefits, due to the high demand for professionals in the USA, the costs of professionals are high across the country.

Outsourcing to a nearby country drastically reduces your IT costs, in addition to that all the bureaucracy and facilities costs remain with the partner company. There further reducing all your investment.

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