Software Development Team: how to decrease the high turnover rate

Having a high turnover in your software development team can be a decisive factor for a company’s success. This is because a company with a high employee turnover tends to have no continuity in the progress of projects and makes the search for the ideal professional never end. Besides, a high turnover rate in a company can reveal a lot about the internal health of the business, the processes and its efficiency as a whole.

This also shows some problems related to management, a possible lack of investments in fixed capital, a lack of recognition and motivation actions, among others. Over time, the negative results can manifest itself in large and constant expenses related to the dismissal of employees, loss of credibility and lack of qualified labor.

Thinking about this very important point for companies as a whole, we have prepared an article that details some steps for you to reduce the turnover rate in your business. Check it out below!

How to decrease the high turnover in your team?

Invest in internal communication

Internal communication is another super important factor for your software development team to stay on your team for longer, and have a higher than expected productivity.Opening or expanding team communication channels with the company’s leadership sectors or only with the other areas of your business is able to promote greater integration among the entire team.

In addition, this practice stimulates the feeling of unity, of the professionals’ belonging to your company and increases the exchange of experience. With the increase in internal communication between developers, you will soon reap better results in your projects due to the increased team interaction.

Currently, there are some ways to increase communication, and, consequently, decrease the turnover rate. One of the main ones is to invest in technology, such as corporate intranet, shared database and other programs and instant communication systems, such as Discord and Slack.

Another aspect that can make a difference is recognizing your team’s results. Elaborating performance recognition and effort actions for employees also contribute to an increase in performance. Therefore, whenever possible, invest in an internal bonus system, or even internal tournaments that guarantee competitiveness and encourage your development team to win prizes.

Offer extra benefits

Still in this line of reasoning, offering extra benefits to professionals can further reduce the high turnover in your company. Besides, developing strategies to increase motivation can also stimulate efficient and essential and desirable behaviors for the productivity of the business as a whole.

In that case, the strategy that builds an attractive career plan for the developer can also be a solution. This is because the large percentage of professionals change jobs in search of better prospects in their careers, aiming at future stability. Therefore, apply forms of remuneration based on performance and goals, and on obtaining operational results.

Offer training and perform more assertive selection processes

Another point that can make a difference for your company is to conduct training for your software development team. Making your company have the attitude of investing in the qualification of employees contributes to guarantee a gain in the quality of the service provided by the professionals, increasing the performance of the employees and raising the technical level of the team in the projects. The simple fact that the developer feels that he is evolving together with the company makes his business more attractive in the job market, in relation to those that do not have actions in this direction.

One of the main factors that lead to an increase in the turnover rate is the performance of a selection process with little efficiency. It is very important that your HR team is aligned on how to find good professionals and also has enough knowledge about the vacancies open in your company. With this, it is easier to find the ideal developers who have an appropriate cultural fit with their values, reducing the turnover rate and avoiding employee turnover.

Maintain a pleasant working environment

This is also an important strategy since the work environment directly influences employee productivity. Environments with bad climate, with enmity, fierce competition and the lack of minimum equipment to perform the function, can be considered as points of demotivation, low performance and internal conflicts. Investing in a well-structured, equipped, friendly and employee-friendly workplace promotes better results.

As a result, you will soon realize that without a high turnover, it is possible to work better and maximize your returns. Remember that loyalty efforts should not be restricted to your customers or consumers. Employee loyalty is also a key action for your company to remain competitive in the long run.


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