Technology Teams: how to measure productivity

Measuring productivity in technology teams is critical for technology managers to know where they are getting it right or making mistakes in project execution. Performance indicators like KPIs and NPS are some of the examples of aspects that need to be analyzed in order to find out that your team is being productive enough to achieve the desired results.

If the answer is no, or the return on investment is being very low, there are some attitudes that project leaders can take in order to increase the productivity of your teams.

Thinking of helping you at this time, we have prepared an article that details what the main performance indicators need to be analyzed and what to do on a daily basis to increase the productivity of your development team. Check it out below.

What is important to measure?

In your teams, there are a number of factors that can be measured in order to know if your team is being productive or not. One of the main and most used ways are the KPIs. This indicator is used to measure the performance of a company’s processes and, with this information, collaborate to achieve its goals.

Through the KPIs, all professionals know and become involved in the goals of the company, in order to align efforts around the strategies established by your managers. Through the results indicated in the KPIs, it is possible to quantify the performance of the company and allows workers to understand how much their activities contribute to the success of these numbers.

In addition, another way to measure is to analyze the level of satisfaction of your customers. In this way, you as a manager are able to check gaps where you need to improve in the development of future products. Another way that can be used is to analyze the NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Being very efficient and simple, NPS is a way to understand if there is loyalty on the part of your IT clients, to the point of recommending the company to other startups.  In addition, analyzing ROI (Return on Investment) is another super important way to know if your investment in certain products is giving the expected financial result.

How to increase the productivity of technology teams?

Define objectives

One of the main methods to increase the productivity of technology teams is to use intelligent and measurable goals during the execution of the project. This happens because if your professionals have very complex and difficult goals to achieve, they can become discouraged over time. To make it easier in this aspect, create shorter goals and for a shorter space of time, making them incorporated day after day and done in a more agile way, boosting the development of the company little by little.

With the application of these concepts presented previously, it will be possible to follow up on goals in an easier way, besides being able to measure results achieved and build a more productive team.

Provide feedbacks

The idea of conducting feedback is that your development team understands where they are getting it right, making mistakes and even how their behavior can be interpreted by others. In this way, a more pleasant climate is created in the work environment because of this more transparent communication and, consequently, increases productivity in the long term.

Within the technology teams, this practice contributes to the improvement of the teams’ performance, avoids possible noise in the communication and ties possible loose ends. By performing frequent reviews on what is happening and how the team’s work is going, the manager is able to show that he is willing to solve the problems and available to solve doubts, since the human capital of a company is what is most important for the delivery of good results and, consequently, the evolution in the market.

Giving feedback to your technology teams should not happen only in the period in which the performance analyses occur, but it is necessary that it is a continuous daily process.

Build coherent technology teams

Another tip that may have its importance for certain companies is the need to form coherent teams. Knowing how to structure a development team can be one of the main doubts of a technical leader. Due to the work requirements of each sector of a technology team, it is very important that the organization of your squad happens so that the needs found in the production of your product are addressed by the team.

For productivity to be high, your technology team needs to have professionals responsible for different areas, who, together, can complete all the stages present in the backlog. For this reason, when hiring professionals with different profiles and who have a creative, proactive profile and the ability to lead.

Get access to smart tools

Knowing which are the main tools of project management can help in a very effective way in the development of your products. The great reason for all this importance is that some existing services currently only tend to contribute to better organization of teams and help priority demands to be delivered more quickly.

These project management tools promise to help internal communication between professionals, whether remote or on-site. During the execution of projects, certain different goals must be met simultaneously. Some examples are: structure the project, increase productivity, simplify communication, ensure that all steps are executed and also store information generated.

Tools such as Trello, Slack, Jira, Discord and Google Data Studio can be very effective if used correctly by team managers.


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