1.2.0 – Support for Multiple Teams and Scrum

Improvements and New Features

Multiple Teams in a Single Organization

  • Simplified Management: Now you can register and manage multiple teams within the same organization through Kodus Teams.
  • Automatic Contextualization: Kody adjusts its responses based on the specific channel where the question was asked. For users with multiple teams, Kody will ask you to specify which team you want information about.

Enhancements in Scrum Support

  • New Team Artifacts:
    • Sprint overflow items
    • Items added after the sprint start
    • Monitoring of high time spent on blocked tasks
  • Artifact Customization: Option to enable or disable Scrum artifacts according to your team’s needs, avoiding irrelevant notifications.
  • Retrospective Check-in: Implemented a new automatic check-in that occurs at the sprint closure or upon a specific command.
  • Sprint Delay Alerts: Delay alerts are now synchronized with the sprint’s end date, providing greater accuracy in deadline management.

Improvement in Activity Notifications

  • Grouping of Activities with Incomplete Descriptions: All worked activities that have incomplete descriptions or gaps will be grouped and sent the following morning, allowing for quick corrections.


  • Adjustments in Discord: We fixed an issue with character size in check-ins that was causing errors on Discord.

1.1.0 – Kody 10 times smarter and addition of buttons in the daily check-in


  • We have developed a new architecture for Kody, enabling it to answer much more complex questions.
    • Ask about “which items are in WIP,” “What current team metrics are,” and “Which of our flows represents the biggest gap.”
  • New command buttons were added on Check-in Day to improve the visualization of task statuses and activity metrics.
    • View changelog shows the movements made on the board in the last 24 hours, categorized by team member.
    • View delivery status: this feature displays all items in WIP and indicates whether they are on schedule, in warning, or delayed

Bug Fixes

  • Solved the issue where the Metrics Tool was not working correctly, even with metrics available in the database.

1.0.29 – Improvements in daily check-in with the addition of lead time metric by item type


  • Now, Lead Time and Lead Time In WIP are also calculated considering the types of items on the board (Bug, Story, Feature – according to the types configured on your board);
  • We have also revamped the daily check-in now; it is more focused on the progress or delay of items and also on the quality of the team’s workflow;
  • We have started to record daily artifacts about the team’s flow; these artifacts will be used to improve Kody’s responses (implementation coming soon) and also its understanding of the team’s progress history;
  • And finally, we have updated the section that tracks the team’s ongoing activities. According to the team’s historical Lead Time, this section highlights activities that have already exceeded or are close to exceeding the deadline.

1.0.27 – Improvements in Kody’s ‘intelligence’ and consideration of item types for metrics and automations.


  • We added the Bug Ratio to the metrics sent in the channel (/metrics);
  • We created a new data structure to increase our tool’s analysis and response capabilities. For now, we’re only using it to improve the knowledge base, but in the future, we plan to expand this to enhance the responses for all interactions;
  • We launched a feature that allows the user to define which items on the board will be considered in the metrics and the quality analysis of the description. Some clients, for example, do not want this automation to consider bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • We improved the prompt that evaluates the quality of the activity descriptions, making it more stringent;
  • We fixed errors in the flow monitoring sessions and the weekly release.