Copilot for software delivery managers

Our AI assistant analyzes your team’s work, identifies areas for increased productivity, and provides suggestions for improvements. It keeps you updated on your team’s progress, automates management processes, and ensures the integrity of engineering and agile metrics.

As your team grows, it becomes more difficult to understand what's happening

Are we on schedule for delivery?

With personalized weekly reports, stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and easily communicate the status of deliveries to stakeholders.

How Can I Improve My Team's Deliveries?

Metrics are not enough to enhance team productivity.

Directly interact with Kody in your communication tool and get actionable feedback on what you and your team can practically do to increase productivity and efficiency.

Are We Following Best Practices?

Kody offers automations to facilitate adherence to the best practices of agility and engineering for your team. 

It can create more effective descriptions, break down epics into smaller tasks, assist with impediments, and more, all to help your team work more autonomously.

Unlock the full potential of your team in up to 90 days

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Use Cases

For Engineering Managers & Leaders

Gain complete and reliable visibility of your teams directly from your communication tool, without spending dozens of hours on it.

Managers using Kodus see a reduction in management costs, along with an increase in team productivity.

For Process Leadership

Automate the management of your teams and get personalized insights into bottlenecks and the predictability of deliveries, without spending dozens of hours on reports.

Process leaders using Kodus increase their organizational impact by turning agile into real results.

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Not exactly. While we can extract metrics through our tool, we believe metrics alone are insufficient to help a team improve. We use metrics as tools to provide actionable insights on managing your team and automating processes so that you spend less time on management while simultaneously increasing your team’s productivity.

Imagine Kody (our AI assistant) as a person assisting in the management of your engineering team. She monitors your process and metrics to provide valuable information and tips on what to do. All of this is integrated into your communication tool. That’s why we call her a co-pilot: she is your right hand in the day-to-day software delivery management.

Our goal is to operate at the three organizational levels of the company: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational. Let’s highlight some insights for each level:

  • Analysis of team deliveries over the last period and how they have varied over time;
  • Identification of productivity risks and/or burnout, with actions for resolution;
  • Alerts for delivery delays, with actions for resolution;
  • Assessment of the quality level of the code delivered;
  • Identification of the main bottlenecks in team processes and how to resolve them;

And many other insights.

The automation is customized and focused on increasing productivity in how your team works. Some examples include:

  • Automatic writing and improvement of activities on the development board;
  • Automating summaries of team activities to reduce meetings;
  • Automatic splitting of activities on the board to maintain consistency in the size of deliveries;
  • Automatic generation of release notes at the end of a delivery/sprint;

And other functionalities as needed by your team.

We divide the result into two stages. The first is to provide you and your team with complete visibility of what is happening in the engineering process, which we have observed to improve team communication and transparency. Then, we address the problems with practical actions and automation to reduce the company’s management load (lowering costs) and increase the teams’ productivity. We have observed a 30% reduction in management load and a 40% increase in productivity (Cycle Time).

Metrics are just one part of the equation in the quest for efficient management of an engineering team. We have identified two main problems: first, not all teams have reliable metrics, and many suffer from a lack of proper process management, resulting in inaccurate metrics. Second, those with reliable metrics often do not know what to do with them. For example, it’s great to know that your Cycle Time is 7 days, but what does that mean?

We go beyond metrics, providing practical actions and interpretations of those numbers. Moreover, with automation, we address problems to make your team more efficient.

No. All information and automation are integrated directly into your communication tool, facilitating adoption and daily use by your team.

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