Agile Project Management On Autopilot

Your team’s AI assistant, integrating with tools like Jira and Github, simplifying project management, enhancing delivery predictability, and saving time.


Illuminating Paths to Unleash Your Engineering Power

Tackle issues of transparency, data trust, and efficiency head-on. Experience enhanced project visibility and seamless software delivery through Kodus AI.

Roughly 40% of a manager’s time is spent checking in with the team to gauge project progress...

Quit wasting-time, we present you:

Our AI assistant

The team member you didn't know you were missing.

Enhance Delivery Visibility

We help you stay in sync effortlessly and improve communication with your team and stakeholders.

Supercharge Efficiency

We work to optimize your entire development cycle and identify constraints faster, enabling you to deliver smoother results.

Promote Best Practices

Leave it to us to ensure board updates and monitor WIP limits, so you can create an environment of trust and collaboration.

How Kodus AI Works

Dive deep into your team’s workflow and get actionable suggestions to improve your software delivery process.

Promote Best Practices

Divide and conquer complex tasks with ease, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.

Weekly Progress Reports & Workflow Insights

Stay informed, make data-driven decisions to keep the momentum going and easily communicate project status to stakeholders.

Optimized Issue Descriptions & Acceptance Criteria.

No more vague tasks. Get clear, actionable items every time.

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Don’t worry!
Your Data’s Safety is our TOP priority

🌍 LGPD, GDPR, and US Standards Compliant:

We don’t just meet the standards set by Brazil’s LGPD and Europe’s GDPR; we also align with US data protection standards. Your personal data rights are fully respected and protected across the board.

🛡️ Secured by Major Cloud Providers:

We lean on the industry’s heavyweights in cloud security to ensure your data is safe and sound, offering top-notch protection at all times.

Got questions about our data practices?

We’re transparent and ready to chat. Let’s discuss how we’re safeguarding your data.

It's not just about identifying issues...

It's about paving the way to a seamless software delivery.