1.2.0 – Support for Multiple Teams and Scrum

Improvements and New Features

Multiple Teams in a Single Organization

  • Simplified Management: Now you can register and manage multiple teams within the same organization through Kodus Teams.
  • Automatic Contextualization: Kody adjusts its responses based on the specific channel where the question was asked. For users with multiple teams, Kody will ask you to specify which team you want information about.

Enhancements in Scrum Support

  • New Team Artifacts:
    • Sprint overflow items
    • Items added after the sprint start
    • Monitoring of high time spent on blocked tasks
  • Artifact Customization: Option to enable or disable Scrum artifacts according to your team’s needs, avoiding irrelevant notifications.
  • Retrospective Check-in: Implemented a new automatic check-in that occurs at the sprint closure or upon a specific command.
  • Sprint Delay Alerts: Delay alerts are now synchronized with the sprint’s end date, providing greater accuracy in deadline management.

Improvement in Activity Notifications

  • Grouping of Activities with Incomplete Descriptions: All worked activities that have incomplete descriptions or gaps will be grouped and sent the following morning, allowing for quick corrections.


  • Adjustments in Discord: We fixed an issue with character size in check-ins that was causing errors on Discord.