1.3.0 – Cockpit, Dashboard, Company-level Artifacts, and More

Improvements and New Features

Kody cockpit

Enhanced Visibility for Leadership

We have added a new layer of visualization for leaders of multiple teams. Now, it’s possible to see whether your engineering team is performing well or poorly. Two new features achieve this.

Company-level Artifacts

In addition to team-level artifacts, we now have organization-level artifacts. These provide essential information about what is happening with your teams so you know which team or project needs more attention at any given moment. Some of the artifacts include:

  • Alert for teams where flow quality has dropped, indicating they are no longer following best engineering practices or the processes defined by the organization;
  • Alert for potential sprint delays (for teams using Scrum);
  • Alert for a drop in productivity (increase in lead time);
  • Alert for a decline in quality.

Cockpit Screen

This screen focuses on providing this visibility to leadership. Here, you can view the above artifacts and critical metrics at the organization and team levels.

Metrics Dashboard

Additional visual charts for all organization and team-level metrics are now available. You can now see a historical view of your teams.

Support for Private Channels on Slack

You can now add Kody to private Slack channels.


The Insights Screen is Public Again: In update 1.2.0 (multi-team), the insights screen was accidentally made private. It is now public again, and you can share it with your team.