1.3.10 – Introduction to DORA Metrics and Improvements in Cockpit and Check-ins

Improvements and New Features

Introduction to DORA Metrics

As part of our mission to provide more visibility and autonomy to teams, we are excited to announce the introduction of DORA Metrics in our metrics engine. These metrics are crucial for engineering, and we started with the implementation of Deploy Frequency, now available in the cockpit.

To facilitate the capture of your team’s deployments, we offer three configuration options:

  • Deploy via CI/CD
  • Deploy via Release Tag
  • Deploy via PR/MR

Our goal is to make this functionality as customizable as possible, adapting to your team’s specific needs.

New Cockpit Visualization

Alongside the new metrics, we have made several visual improvements to the cockpit to make information visualization more intuitive. Now, in addition to system-level artifact visualization, you can view team-specific artifacts. This allows for a more detailed analysis of the root causes of problems your team is facing.

Improvements in Daily and Weekly Check-ins

We have enhanced the logic for delay alerts to prioritize more important items, encouraging the team to finish started tasks before beginning new ones. This also reduces clutter in the delayed items section, showing only critical information. Remember, you can still view all delayed items by clicking the check-in button.


  • The parameter for work item types is now considered in check-ins, whether for delivery date alerts or for delivery issues/risks.
  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.