1.3.13 – Epic Tracking, Team Effort Distribution, and Performance Improvements

Improvements and New Features

New Initiative Tracking Section

That crucial initiative for the quarter can now be tracked stress-free. With our latest update, view the progress of all ongoing epics and initiatives in an integrated manner. Discover, for example, how many are yet to start, are in progress, or have been completed.

Leveraging the intelligence of Kody, which analyzes your metrics, we now also provide indicators of whether an epic is On Track or not.

Team Effort Distribution Analysis

Where is your team’s effort going? Are we aligned with the roadmap? With our new feature, those questions are no longer a concern. Easily analyze how the team’s effort is distributed by item type, based on Lead Time.

Performance Improvements Related to Metrics

We know there used to be time to grab a coffee while the metrics loaded in the cockpit. That has changed: we’ve improved our algorithms and implemented a 5-minute cache. Coffee will have to wait another time, as the metrics load quickly!